The Rundown: Best of 2016

In no particular order, here are the Top Ten Most Read Articles on Nextgen in 2016. You are always welcome to contribute ideas and submit articles here.

The Negative Impacts of a Permanent U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Building a border will simultaneously separate the Mexican-American population from their families and break the cultural connection that exists.
— Stephanie Musso
The European Union is witnessing a serious political crisis, apparent in its decreasing political legitimacy and complicated decision-making policies.
— Cezary Szczepaniuk
It is hard to believe that a political system that revolves entirely around Vladimir Putin will enjoy the same longevity of the Soviet Union’s political leadership.
— Christopher Estep

The Middle East’s Youth: Key to ISIS’s Success and Demise

Throughout the history of U.S. intervention in the region, our counterterrorism tactics have been overwhelmingly unsuccessful in stemming the growth of terrorism, further aggravating the issue by causing destruction and instability and resulting in what seems like a violent game of whack-a-mole.
— Tariq Kenney-Shawa
Offensive cyberweapons as deterrence and retaliation against attacks are in contrast not a good idea given that attribution of cyber-attacks is very difficult to impossible. What good is retaliation if you do not know whom to hit or if you hit the wrong target?
— Nicolas Zahn
There are certain alarming situations where the world should be concerned and the judgment of the Security Council is not sound enough as they were represented only by fifteen members, five of which are capable of killing any resolutions.
— Lorenzo Lombos
Of the youth I know, many understand that there is an unhealthy relationship between the developing world and the developed world.
— Campbell Erickson
The Chinese geopolitical development is of concern to Washington as they see this as another proposal from China to develop relations with the rest of Asia, in addition to many American allies in the European Union.
— Tomas Penfold Perez
Perhaps British politicians are all just like those Finding Nemo fish bobbing in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, simultaneously rejoicing and panicking as waves crash and the oxygen levels in their plastic bags decrease rapidly. They had better breathe slowly, think wisely and work efficiently.
— Paulina Mangubat
It is crucial for the United States and Russia to work together on counterterrorism efforts in Syria, as their military actions have contributed greatly to the humanitarian crisis.
— Henry Villacorta